Ventilated Tiled Conservatory Roof

The Fully Ventilated System built into Icotherm tiled conservatory roofs is designed to prevent the build-up of condensation in the roof structure and protect against the risk of damp.

Icotherm cutaway roof
Icotherm exploded roof
Icotherm ventilated roof

Condensation is eradicated by a specially designed void above the insulation, which allows air to move over the eaves and out at the wall plate or ridge. This innovative method prevents rot by stopping any build-up of moisture beneath the roof tiles or slates.

The fully ventilated system incorporated into the Icotherm tiled conservatory roof is based on the dry fix method developed for modern housing and uses proven components designed for the job.

Fully Ventilated

Combining an effective breather membrane with ventilation above the insulation provides a belt and braces approach to prevent the risk of condensation occurring. Extreme changes in the weather and high humidity that can be caused during everyday activities in the home can increase the possibility of condensation building up in the roof structure that can lead to damp. The Icotherm System tackles the problem to remove any moisture to stop any condensation within the roof.

Fully Insulated

Using timber, a low thermal conductor, to build the Icotherm solid roof adds to the insulation benefits. This means the Icotherm solid roof achieves U-Values of just 0.18 W/m2k. This creates a comfortable all-year round living space, that’s up to 90 percent warmer in the winter and 70 percent cooler in the summer.