Replacement Conservatory Roof

Replacing the old glazed roof on a conservatory with Icotherm highly insulated solid conservatory roof system is the easiest way to transform it into a room that can be used all year round.

A replacement roof to create a whole new living space

An old polycarbonate or glass conservatory roof is too hot in summer, too cool in winter and noisy whenever it rains. Fitting a thermally efficient Icotherm replacement conservatory roof turns an old conservatory into a practical home extension - typically installed in just 2 days.

Icotherm is Building Regulations compliant

Icotherm Solid Conservatory Roofs are Building Regulation compliant and delivered as lightweight, prefabricated pods for quick and easy installation.

The pods are constructed from insulated structural timber that is based on proven SIPs technology used in timber frame houses.

The ceiling can be traditional plaster or finished in a wide range of cladding options. Velux roof windows can be fitted to provide extra daylight and ventilation.

Conservatory Roof Replacement

The Icotherm solid roof conservatory is watertight in hours and can usually be completed in one to two days. This means less time on site for installers and a home that’s watertight before nightfall for customers. Our lightweight conservatory roof replacement system is modular with made-to-measure factory built pods, so it’s simple to piece together. It can also be adapted on site if needed using the tools found in a standard toolbox.

Conservatory Roof Styles

Icotherm replacement conservatory roofs are completely made-to-measure and the design is bespoke to the project.

There are some typical designs that are common and below are some of the most popular styles. We create complete schematic drawings for every roof we design.


External Finish Options

There are five different tile options for homeowners to choose from, in a full range of colours.

Our own Icoslate roof tile is designed to closely match existing slate-style roofs so replacement conservatory roofs can look like a part of the original property. Icoslate offers impressive durability too.

Envirotile and Enviroslate were added to our range because they are great looking tiles that are quick and easy to fit. Envirotile has a specially designed interlocking system and a 25-year 8Fix storm-proof manufacturer’s guarantee.

For an authentic slate finish we offer TapcoSlate. This tile offers excellent lifetime weathering performance, BBA Certification and a 40-year warranty. It won’t break or delaminate so it will offer a lasting finish.

Metrotile offers an elegant, authentic finish and excellent noise reduction. Made with high grade steel, the tiles are lightweight and coated in Aluzinc for a life expectancy of 40 years.

Extralight roof tiles are the high-performing, textured roof tiles that have incredible durability. They are LABC registered and have been texted in winds up to 120mph

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Icotherm’s conservatory roof replacement system is easy to colour match to existing property roofs with a choice of 17 shades.


Tiled Ebony

Tiled Ebony

Tiled Antique Red

Tiled Antique Red

Tiled Burnt Umber

Tiled Burnt Umber

Tiled Charcoal

Tapco Slate Brandywine

Tapco Slate Brandywine

Tapco Slate Chestnut Brown

Tapco Slate Chestnut Brown

Tapco Slate Brick Red

Tapco Slate Brick Red

Tapco Slate Stone Black

Tapco Slate Stone Black


Extralight - Charcoal

Extralight - Umber

Extralight - Walnut

Watch a replacement roof being fitted from start to finish.

The Icotherm Solid Roof System supporting over 6 tonnes.