Ideal for orangeries and extensions

For a real WOW factor – best with a lantern

Using a warm roof type construction, this solution is probably the most efficient flat roof on the market thanks to our extensive R&D work.

  • Perfect choice to create an orangery
  • Can be supplied as a standard flat roof or with a lantern / skylight.

NEW: Icospan now comes with the Sheerline lantern as standard

  • The use of Icospan will enhance the look and feel of most extensions.

Do you want to transform your existing glazed conservatory into a “proper” room? Icotherm’s flat roof option should be at the top of your list. The Icospan is the ideal solution either as a conservatory roof replacement, or for a new single storey extension.

Supplied with the Sheerline lantern as standard, your new or transformed room will be better insulated, whilst still bringing lots of light in. The Sheerline lantern features a 28mm double glazed unit (typically used in windows rather than roofs), offer leading thermal properties and is the most secure lantern solution on the market today.

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Your questions, answered

Very much so, which is why the Icotherm roofs are designed as a fully ventilated systems and use timber, which is both strong and has a low thermal conductivity.
Recent testing proved a 6.4m x 6.4m Icotherm roof could carry the weight of four modern Mini cars without showing any signs of movement. When standing on the roof take care of where you step or apply pressure to ensure tiles do not get damaged.
No. An Icotherm tiled roof conservatory is only marginally heavier than a glass roof. As per LABC guidelines (April 2016), if the structure shows no signs of distress, the existing foundations are likely to be adequate to carry the small additional loadings. Existing glazing and door support must also be reinforced.
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Our Solid Roofs are designed around a unique modular system, delivered in the form of pre-built pods, which give you the ability to have a fully bespoke product. Icotherm roofs are supported by structural calculations, and are compliant with building control regulations. We offer 4 different style, to suit all requirements.

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