Solid Roof Installation

Icotherm believe in your reputation and your customer’s need for minimal disruption. That is why Icotherm Solid Roofs are designed with the installation process in mind.

Choosing Icotherm gives installers the opportunity to carry out a conservatory roof conversion in as little as one day.

Icotherm Solid Roofs are supplied direct-to-site in bespoke-made prefabricated pods so that a conservatory roof installation can be watertight and secure in a few hours.

Choosing Icotherm gives installers the opportunity to carry out a conservatory roof conversion in as little as one day. When an Icotherm tiled conservatory roof is delivered direct to site it has already been 70 percent pre-assembled in our factory, so there is much less work to do on site compared with most solid roof systems.

Icotherm is constructed of special pods similar to structural insulated panels (SIPs) used in modular home building. The insulation is made to measure in the factory.

The highly insulated bespoke-manufactured prefabricated pods. The pod system is simple to put together and allows installers to easily adjust the roof onsite if needed.

The Icotherm suits all conservatory styles and is a high-performance method of replacing or building conservatory roofs

The Solid Roof system comes with the latest design-led installation-friendly technology with interlocking, no-drill panels that cause the least amount of disruption to the home owner, and the shortest time on site for the installer. An Icotherm tiled conservatory roof is usually made watertight in one to two hours.

Icotherm believes in difference: we balance the needs of the customer, your design team, and your installation experts to ensure everyone gets what they need. Just another reason to choose Icotherm Solid Roofs for a tiled conservatory roof conversion.

Icotherm is Easy to Install - Easy to Adjust

Few house walls are perfectly square or true, and mis-measures can happen, so the Icotherm solid roof is easy to adjust on site, without any need for packing or waiting for new components to be ordered.

The easy installation process means that you can remove the existing roof and replace it with Icotherm to create a solid roof conservatory in as little as one day, helping you to fit in more jobs, reduce labour costs and offer a more convenient option for homeowners.

Simple to follow drawings and instructions

Our schematic drawings are easy to follow and the system is easy to adjust on site.  That means a conservatory roof replacement is water-tight in just 3 hours, so that customers can enjoy their conservatory straight away.