About Icotherm

Managing director, Dave Jackson is the brains behind Icotherm’s conservatory roof system. He saw a gap in the market for a solid conservatory roof system that was thermally efficient, easy to install and a great solution for refurbishing old, unused conservatories across the UK.

Icotherm conservatory roof systems is designed to replace glass or polycarbonate conservatory roofs and get them secure and watertight within three hours. Inspired by the structural insulated panels (SIPs) used in modular home building, we created structural timber pre-fabricated pods, which have their insulation built-in and make for a quick and easy roof assembly on site.

The modular pods, manufactured in our factory in Blackburn, have very few components. Once made, we number them to make it easier for customers to put them together perfectly on site and we offer straightforward schematic drawings which make easy reading for anyone used to fitting. The can be delivered direct and easily installed to reduce the amount of time installers are on site.

The roof can be easily adjusted on site. There is no deflection, so installers can offer perfect plasterwork ceilings and electrics can be pre-fitted, so it’s just a case of plug and play once you’re on site.

The process of getting a building certificate is quick and easy too. Icotherm conservatory roof systems is fully compliant with building control regulations. It’s approved by JHAI Building Inspectors and structurally approved by Rhodes & Partners, Structural & Civil Engineers.

Designed and built by conservatory experts with years of experience, Icotherm is the ideal solution for builders and window installers who want to offer conservatory roof refurbishments or build new solid roof conservatories quickly and efficiently.


 About the Icotherm Team

Dave Jackson

Jenny Jackson

Joe Highwood

David Escott

Our team is made up of some of the best talent in conservatory roof systems.

Director Dave Jackson, the brains behind Icotherm Solid Roof, has more than 16 years’ experience in the conservatory industry, working with Quantal, Synseal and K2, as well as in fabrication.

Insight into the needs of conservatory installers comes from joint Director Jenny Jackson, who ran a retail conservatory business for nine years.

Dave and Jenny have recruited some of the best people in the business to build the Icotherm team. Their own expertise is backed with the knowledge of Technical Manager David Escott and Roof Fabrication Manager Joe Highwood.

The whole team recognises the importance of right-first-time for installers, so Icotherm roofs are fully checked before they leave the factory.

We also offer extra support to our customers, including installation training and a full range of marketing support to help you boost sales.